Storage Structures, Inc., a national metal building subcontractor and the leader of innovation and design for the self-storage industry proudly announces the Alpha Framing System.

Alpha Framing System is a 10’x10’ light gauge framing system mainly comprised of factory formed and assembled light gauge columns and beams that provide superior performance in wind uplift, shear, and gravity loads. In addition, this system changes the construction sequence so that partition panels may be installed after the installation of the roof which allows other trades to begin work up to two months faster and eliminates concrete stains on partition panels.  Alpha Framing System provides a cleaner, faster, and stronger design as compared to traditional framing systems. 

Chris Pearson, Owner-Operations, Research & Development comments, “In developing the Alpha Framing System, we have focused on solving the major problems of our industry including time of construction, availability of labor, and staining on the final product.  As such, our system reduces man hours in the field by utilizing factory formed modular materials and a simplified design to install, while at the same time providing superior performance in wind uplift, sheer, and gravity loads.  Finally, there is nothing better than turning over a building free of concrete stains on the partition panels. “

Alpha Framing System can be engineered, designed and sealed anywhere in the United States. For more information please visit our website